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4 websites with one goal: provide everything think you need to Level Up your career as a software engineer

Jobs Platform
The Level Up jobs platform is the top resource to help developers find jobs at any stage in their career. We provide both a traditional job board and a talent collective where companies reach out directly to you to request interviews and offer roles.
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Our publication is one of the top resources on the web for programmers with a community of 3M+ monthly readers. We have published over 10k stories from over 2k contributors, covering software development, programming, data science, blockchain, startups, and career growth.
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Career Tools
As programmers, we love to automate painful and repetitive tasks, and there is nothing more painful than managing your portfolio website and CV. gitconnected.com provides you a profile that automatically generates your resume and an API that acts as a CMS for your personal website.
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Coding Interview Course
Coding interviews are painful, but they are a critical step in landing a software engineering job. We created a course that teaches you the logic to think through any technical interview question, empowering you to be confident in every interview.
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